Responsible Gambling

Where to Get Help

Overcoming challenges with gambling requires the strength and courage to seek help.  Resources are readily available to assist you on your journey toward healthier gambling habits.  By accessing support networks, therapy, or more specialized programs, you begin to reclaim control and rediscover a fulfilling, sustainable relationship with games of chance.  This guide is designed to empower you on this path, offering a detailed breakdown of the many options available to promote your well-being.

You Are Not Alone:  Support Services for Gambling Addiction

Expanding the Support Network

  • 24/7 Support: In Australia, they have the National Gambling Helpline (1800 858 858) functions as an immediate lifeline for those in crisis. Counselors understand your challenges and can connect you to localized support. State-specific helplines provide another layer of immediate aid.
  • Online Connection: Gambling Help Online and eheadspace offer confidential online chat, email, or phone support. This flexibility is valuable, particularly for those who cannot easily access in-person services or young people who might prefer digital platforms.
  • Self-Empowerment: Self-help resources, found on websites like Gambling Help Online or through Gamblers Anonymous, promote self-assessment, guide recovery steps, and offer practical tools for navigating challenges.
  • Community and Shared Experience: Support groups through organizations like Gamblers Anonymous or SMART Recovery provide invaluable community for peers working towards recovery. Sharing stories, strategies, and support can be a powerful element in healing.
  • Specialized Treatment: Facilities like The Cabin Sydney offer residential programs tailored to gambling addiction. Outpatient centers like Turning Point provide flexible, ongoing support integrated into daily life.
  • Financial Stability: Financial counselors provide strategies for managing gambling-related debt and promote better financial practices. Websites like MoneySmart offer guidance for budgeting, saving, and addressing debt.
  • Family Focus: Gam-Anon focuses on loved ones of those struggling with addiction, offering support groups and resources. Many treatment centers offer programs for family members to foster understanding and promote healthy coping mechanisms.
  • Community-Centered Aid: Local community health centers often house or connect you to mental health professionals, specialized counseling, and other forms of support to address issues alongside gambling addiction. These centers may also offer referrals to housing, legal, or financial assistance.
  • Inclusive Support: The Multicultural Problem Gambling Service understands the unique needs of those from diverse backgrounds, offering language interpretation and culturally attuned guidance.

These services exemplify a dedication to meeting the diverse needs of those impacted by problem gambling. Whether in-person, online, or a combination of services, support is readily available.  Remember, seeking help is the first courageous step towards positive change. Empower yourself to break free from gambling addiction and rediscover a balanced, fulfilling life, alongside responsible gambling.